Factors responsible for converting Sandy Hook School in the wrong place

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Sandy Hook School is known for indulging good manners and good habits in the children. It is the duty of the teachers and the school management to educate the student about good and bad things. Nowadays, the environment of the school is awful. The students have forgotten how to respect the teachers. Instead of that, they are making fun of their gurus.

The incident which took place in the Sandy Hook School was horrible. The entry of Adam Lanza has described the mismanagement of the school as a boy came and killed more than 20 children and six teachers in the school.

Here are some factors whose failure is destructing the school environment.

1. Maintenance of principles in the Sandy Hook School

The school management has failed in maintaining proper maintenance of the disciplines and laws of the school. Late coming of a student in the school, bunking of classes and gun firing in the school by an adult, is an example of poor administration of the school. For converting school in the right place, the management has to keep a check on them.

2. Less importance on studies in the Sandy Hook School

The school is giving importance to the study of the children. Nowadays, Sandy Hook School is providing more emphasis on extra curriculum activities. The students are more interested in sports as compared to academics. It is resulting in a lack of manners in the students. 

3. The unsafe environment in the Sandy Hook School 

 The atmosphere of the school is not safe. As there are many happening going into the school. Like, any unknown boy enters the school and kills student and teacher of the school. The senior student is bullying the junior ones. There is robbery happening in the school. These activities are having the environment of the school unsafe, and a student does not feel safe in the school.

By managing the above-stated factors, the environment of the school can change. Find out more here : https://thoseconspiracyguys.com/sandy-hook-school-shooting/