Kratom- An advantageous drug but with some side effects!

Kratom is one of the latest drugs, which have attracted folks and several controversies too. It originates from a tree commonly found in some areas of Southeast Asia and its suburbs. Kratom’s structures don’t match the structure of opioids and, but provides a similar effect and stimulates the user’s body in the same manner. It releases endorphins in the brain and causes a high. It is also considered as an efficient natural supplement to heal profuse physical and psychological ailments. Kratom’s effects vary at high and low doses.

Side Effects of kratom use

Kratom use sometimes kicks back with various types of side effects. People consuming this drug may experience following side-effects -:

  • Constipation: Overuse of kratom may disturb the digestion system of the user. User may feel constipation and increased urination without kratom treatment.
  • Hallucination: Consumer of the drug may see something that is not present in real; this effect is known as hallucination. The consumer of kratom is more likely to experience hallucinations.
  • Decreased appetite: Consumer of this drug may experience a decrease in their desire to eat. Their food intake diminishes, causing weakness and many other hassles.
  • Boosted motivation: Undoubtedly, kratom gives an extra boost to the user and motivates him to perform any activity with greater efficiency.
  • Social activeness: One of the side effects of kratom is that it boosts the confidence of the user, making him more socially active. It encourages him to make more social interactions.
  • Restlessness: Consumption of kratom may lead to an inability to rest or relax. This may occur because of high anxiety caused by drug consumption.

To conclude, addiction is different for everyone. Kratom may not provide the same effect to everyone, which is why substance use treatment needs assistance from someone professional. The user is prone to various detrimental side effects and should consume Kraton taking all precautions.